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Magellan Luxury Hotels (Magellan) offers unadvertised exclusive rates and benefits at hand-picked luxury hotels, world-wide.   


Magellan’s Hotel Experience Consultants use their extensive knowledge to provide you with genuine, unbiased advice to help you select the most suited hotel for your stay.
For additional peace of mind, Magellan’s Rate Check Program will automatically book you at a lower rate should one come available between the time of booking and your stay.   

If this is not enough, you can join their premium Gold Star membership for only a dollar – a $99 value. Gold Star members enjoy free upgrades, complimentary breakfast, late check-out and much more at participating properties, in addition to 48-hour advance preview of all special sales and offers.  

For more information

Call Magellan at 1-866-536-6598 and quote Affiliate Code 2033 or visit the website.

The Fine Print

Gold Star Membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Membership will automatically renew at a 50% discount to the then current membership rate on the first anniversary date and subsequent anniversary dates. This membership savings is limited to one person per address/email per member’s lifetime. 
The Rate Check Program provides you with additional value and peace of mind. As Magellan automatically monitors if a lower rate becomes available for the room category you booked, or if a higher category room becomes available at the same rate as the room you booked.