Long Distance Savings - Landline and Cellular

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Lower your long distance charges on both your landline and cellular* phone regardless of who you pay your monthly rental or plan costs to. 


Long distance costs on your landline phone are only 5.5 cents/minute Canada/U.S., 3.5 cents/minute between family and friends who are also plan members and international calls are discounted.  Residential Toll Free numbers can be set-up to ring on your home phone or cell phone for only 5.5 cents per minute.*  You can also activate your cellular phone (any provider) to make cellular long distance calls for only 8 cents/minute Canada/U.S. and international calls receive discounted rates as well. 

For more information

Email info@westcangroup.ca or call 1-800-665-0384 and mention you are part of HUB Select. You can also ask for a free bill analysis.

The Fine Print

*Monthly network fee of $1.25 per account applies, however you can have all your landline and cell phones on one account. The  $1.50/mo./cell phone applies for each cell phone number.  There is a onetime charge of $4.95 to set-up a toll-free number. Canada/U.S calls are billed on one minute increments and international calls are billed on a 30 second minimum and 6 second increments.  Full call detail is shown on monthly bills. Call for details.