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Access exclusive worldwide hotel and rental car offers not offered to the public through Local Hospitality with savings averaging 10-20 % over public hotel booking and car rental sites. 


Hotel offer options include: Pre-paid – non cancellable (typically the lowest rate), Pre-paid cancellable, Post-paid non-cancellable and Post-paid cancellable.   Local Hospitality also offers customized group bookings with 10 or more hotel rooms. 

For more information

For Hotels click here or call 1-800-892-2136 and mention code “HUB Select”. 
For Rental Cars click here or call 1-855-258-6735, and use client ID "566731" 

The Fine Print

Always read booking information carefully, the Terms and Conditions of Use and if additional service fees are applicable on your booking before you reserve under “Tax Recovery Charge and Service Fee”. All hotel properties are guaranteed to be the lowest rate available at the time of booking and for the next 24 hours - If you find a lower rate for the same hotel, dates and room category, simply submit the Rate Guarantee Form within 24 hours of booking and you will either receive a refund for the difference or a cancellation without penalty.