GOeVisit Online Telehealth Program

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Provides virtual access to doctors for minor illnesses anytime (24/7/365), anywhere, either home or abroad.  There is no fee to enroll or use this service.


This service is convenient, saves time, eases stress, and provides a diagnosis quicker, allowing individuals to start on medication sooner.  In addition, prescriptions can be provided and picked up at your local pharmacy or delivered free anywhere in Canada within one business day.

For more information or to apply

Click here, e-mail info@goevisit.com or call 1-866-318-4748 and mention you are part of HUB Select.

The Fine Print

Services are provided by Canadian medical professionals for only non-emergency conditions.  Services are available anytime (24/7/365 days of the year!), anywhere (home or abroad!) via internet or phone. Enrolment must take place before leaving Canada.